Handmade candles & glassware from the island of Bali.


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We work exclusively with a network of recycling centres around Bali to provide the raw materials we need to responsibly create our range of quality glassware.

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Many of the ingredients used in our products come directly from the island of Bali, where we work exclusively with pure, natural materials.

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Bali Sama Sama provides a livelihood to dozens of Balinese families we engage to create our products. Your purchase helps them too.

A Handmade Tale

Say no to mass-market production.

All our glassware is handmade in our facility in the east of Bali, where local artisans work on designs we create to magically bring our glassware to life.

We have a standard product range from which you can choose. But we are also open to discussing bespoke designs for custom-made orders should you wish to join us on our journey. Together.

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